Please be aware that since Brexit, all packages sent to Ireland from the UK are subject to customs charges.

Apparently, you will be contacted regarding payment of customs charges, and after 16 days, if you haven't paid, the package will be sent back to me. And I also have to add, with no explication as to why it was sent back to me.

I've literally spent hundreds sending packages back to customers, for them to arrive here again.

I spoke to someone at An Post and they explained that a postcard requesting customs charges I'd posted through your door, you then have 16 days.

After a package is sent back to me, I will contact you via email to see how you would like to proceed. I WILL NOT ISSUE A REFUND IF THE AN POST REQUEST HAS BEEN ISSUED.

I will send it back, but I will require a shipping payment again.

Here is the Customs section explaining from An Post 


I'm sorry, I know this is a complete mess, I didn't vote for Brexit, but we all have to suffer the consequences.

I do this as a hobby, so I can no longer afford to have my throat stepped on by An Post and customs. I hope you will all understand.


Allan x